Wanted: Elite Hackers, Automation, UI/UX Developers

This season, I’m looking to hire top talent in cybersecurity, automation, and UI/UX. If you are highly motivated, highly competent, and want to be a part of a fast-moving venture capital startup company with an opportunity to earn stock options, contact me.

Looking for Talent

My startup company, BreachBits, Inc. ( is growing rapidly. One thing that keeps us great is our obsession with attracting, training, and retaining amazing people.

What do we do? We have a team of hackers that tests the security of our clients. What do we do differently? 70% of our team are AI/Automation bots, and we do the hacking continuously. That means we can serve it from the cloud with incredible scale and efficiency.

Who do we need to continue to grow and deliver world-class service?

  1. User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX). We are masters of communication. With vast amounts of data, we are obsessed with ensuring that we deliver information that allows people to make security decisions. We use modern web technologies to deliver advanced dashboards, and our UI/UX team is constantly developing, improving, and deploying bleeding-edge interfaces. Current technologies include ES6 & React.
  2. Hackers & Security Engineers. We don’t aim to completely replace human hackers. We use humans as the “Generals” of our bot army. Our human teammates are always developing cutting edge hacking methods and training our bots.
  3. Automation Engineers: Artificial Intelligence is a huge part of what we do, but so is automation. Automation Engineers help us design, build, and operate scalable, high-performance decision engines, attack packages, and AI environments.
  4. Sales & Marketing: Our Sales & Marketing team are focused on building relationships and communicating with people from all places and industries. From technicians to the board rooms.


We care about results. Your formal training and “years of experience” on your resume are secondary to your ability to demonstrate that you have the attitude and aptitude necessary to fit in with our team and deliver world-class results.

We are a security company, and it is our responsibility to deliver the best to our clients. Our minimum hiring requirements include:

  • U.S. Citizen
  • Favorable initial background check, with annual background checks
  • A couple of years of experience in the given field, and/or a portfolio that demonstrates your aptitude
  • Location: We are currently a 100% remote-work company. You need a strong internet connection and high-quality computer equipment. Stipends may be available in some circumstances
  • Compensation: As a startup, our funds are very carefully balanced. You should be prepared to accept compensation a bit below the industry average, with the expectation that as you help the team generate revenue your compensation will quickly increase and in most cases you will be offered stock options.
  • We are open to apprenticeships and internships


From approximately March to October, 2021, we are aggressively seeking the best candidates. Exact timing is dependent on several external factors, but the priority of each new teammate roughly matches the list given above. We will continue looking for good people of various skill sets, though our specific needs may have changed after October.

Contact Me

If you are interested, shoot me a note using the form below. If you are a perfect fit I might not be able to hire you right away, but its only a matter of time.

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