The Violent Nature of Mankind

An uncomfortable thought:

Although we may want to think of ourselves as a peaceful species, the reality might be that we are naturally and inescapably not peaceful. That we are instead focused on “warring” among ourselves, among the different tribes – whether geographic, demographic, or ideological. The war may come in different forms, and with different justifications, but it is war all the same.

…and it may be that this quality is essential to our existence – and therefore moral.

…and perhaps it is also essential that we lie to ourselves about it… that we pretend that by one way or another we are not assaulting others verbally, economically, violently, passive-aggressively, lawfully, subconsciously…

…and that we pretend that we should not be on guard against aggression. That we pretend that we have advanced beyond our natural, violent state… perhaps this lying, false self-image and teachings of “peace” and “honesty” and “advancement” are meant to:

  • comfort ourselves (so we can sleep at night)
  • trick others into complacency (or self-disarmament), so that they will be easier to conquer… or to trick others by teaching them to forgo their self interest, only so that we might achieve our self interests instead
  • conceal our treachery

…or perhaps we lie to ourselves about being peaceful because peace can be more efficient. So we lie in order to capitalize on peace when it does occur, before the next war. So we lie to ourselves in order to believe that peace is our natural state – so that we hold on to it more dearly… so that we fight for it more dearly.

Fighting for peace.
Lying about honesty.
Doing wrong because it is right.

…is it doublethink only because I’ve been taught to pretend?

Of course, this is only an interesting thought experiment. I fully believe in and promote peace. But when you are an architect of a robot army of hackers, its an occupational hazard to explore the mind of the bad guy – so that you can catch the bad guy.

You need me on that wall.

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