USNA Cyber Science Department

As an adjunct at the United States Naval Academy Cyber Science Department and Class of 1963 Center for Academic Excellence, I provide various services to Midshipmen and Faculty. I am an alumnus of the class of 2007, and I understand the challenging lifestyle of USNA Midshipmen.

Fall 2020

SY110 Tutoring

I typically provide 2 tutoring sessions in the evening each week in large group, small group, or individual sessions remotely.

If you are serious about passing the SY110 exams and want to actually learn the material, work through my flashcards.

I’m serious. it works, and there is an app that makes it easy


Quizlet is a flashcard tool that implements proven pedagogical techniques to help students master topics through repetition and games. It can sync with desktop and mobile devices and tracks students’ progress. Quizlet is free for students.

In the window below, you can preview one of the dozens of slide decks for the course, Chapter 3: Computer Architecture. If you want to track your progress and do practice tests, join the SY100 Quizlet Course (free).

It’s efficient. It automatically detects topics that the student is having difficulty mastering, and emphasizes those areas while reducing emphasis on areas where the student demonstrates mastery. In other words, it saves Midshipmen time. I also share results with profs to help Midshipmen represent their time, effort, and progress.


My schedule for Fall 2020 will typically include a Topic Review and appointment-only sessions on Monday nights. A link to the sessions is located on the course calendar, or you can look me up in the USNA directory and contact me directly, or use the form below to send me a message.

DayTimeSession TypeMore Info
Mon2000Topic ReviewWalk In
(link on course calendar)
Mon2100Individual/Small Group SessionWalk In
(link on course calendar)
  • Oct 5:
    • 2000: Topic Review, Client/Server Scripting & 6-week Exam Recap 
    • 2100: Group Tutoring
  • Oct 12:
    • 2000: Topic Review, Mids’ Choice 
    • 2100: Group Tutoring
  • Oct 19:
    • 2000: Topic Review, TCP/IP Stack 
    • 2100: Group Tutoring
  • Oct 26:
    • 2000: Topic Review, Wireless & Network Security
    • 2100: Group Tutoring
  • Nov 2:
    • 2000 – 2200: 12-Week Exam Review 
  • Nov 9:
    • 2000: Group Tutoring
    • 2100: Group Tutoring
  • Nov 16:
    • 2000: Topic Review, Encryption, Hashing, & Certificates
    • 2100: Group Tutoring
  • Nov 23:
    • 2000: Topic Review, Recon, Attack, & Defense 
    • 2100: Group Tutoring
  • Tuesday Dec 1:
    • 2000: TBD Final Exam Review 
    • 2100: Group Tutoring
  • Wednesday Dec 2:
    • 2000: Individual Tutoring by Appointment 
    • 2100: Group Tutoring
  • Thursday Dec 3:
    • 2000: TBD Final Exam Review 
    • 2100: Group Tutoring
  • Dec 7: (will only hold this session of final exam is after December 7th)
    • 2000: TBD Final Exam Review
    • 2100: Group Tutoring

SY110 Course Support

I support SY110 faculty with office hours and administrative support.


Want to know more? Send me a note.